The only combined benchtop integrated EA-IRMS

The Integra2 combines many of the high level design features of our IRMS and EA instruments, including our innovative trapping loop technology, a stainless steel flight tube, thoria coated filament which is resistant to oxidation, and our high sensitivity source is now available as an optional upgrade. This combined EA-IRMS is a product unique to Sercon and provides excellent data without breaking the budget. Capable of analysing samples for both 15N and 13C simultaneously with a 34S or 18O option, the Integra2 provides the most cost effective and easy to use elemental and isotopic analyser available.

  • The world’s only combined EA-IRMS.
  • 13C,15N analysis with 180 and 34S options.
  • Lightweight, compact, semi portable
  • No need for a reference gas (combusted sample gas is held and used to tune).
  • Can be placed in remote research stations and on board ships.
  • Data generated in the field.
  • No sample storage, transportation and associated risk of fractionation effects.
  • No harmful chemicals to preserve samples.
  • 120° extended geometry with an 11cm radius magnetic sector giving an effective 21cm radius dispersion, and true stigmatic focussing.
  • Truly universal Faraday triple collectors for simultaneous collection of adjacent masses in the range 28, 29, 30 – 44, 45, 46 with no adjustment of collectors or amplifiers
  • Asymmetric extended geometry to give true stigmatic focusing with twice the dispersion of normal geometry with the same radius sector. Design allows greater tolerance of the known variables of ion optics making the manufacture of the analyser more reproducible and less sensitive to magnet positioning. Small analyser footprint and wide flat peak shape reduce the effect of temperature drift.
  • Shorter path length than traditional extended geometry to decrease ion/molecule interactions and produce near 100% transmission through the analyser.
  • Electron impact ion source with thoria-coated iridium filament for long-life and easy replacement.
  • Use of a permanent magnet, active pressure gauge and turbomolecular vacuum pump to keep maintenance down to a minimum.
  • 80, 120 and 180 place autosamplers are available, with holes of different diameter for a variety of sample sizes.
  • High quality stainless steel diaphragm regulators for gas control, digital flow and pressure sensors, normally closed valves configured to save gas and preserve consumables in the event of a power failure.

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  • Total software control of the instrument system and data processing with Sercon Calisto software
  • Allows storage of sample analysis protocols to comply with good laboratory practice
  • Standby mode to preserve consumable life during periods of low use
  • Software controlled oxygen injection to match sample requirements thereby preserving the life of the consumables
  • Inter-file import/export facility from instrument PC to laboratory server or internet (allows rapid updating of software or transfer to common spreadsheet packages)
  • Fully compatible with all versions of Windows

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