TOC – Standalone

TOC Standalone

Thermalox TOC-TN
The modern alternative to COD and TKN

The Sercon Thermalox Environmental is equipped, as standard, with
features many manufacturers treat as extras – and you can measure solids
  • Catalytic thermal oxidation. The only way to measure ‘real’ samples containing particulate or difficult to oxidise materials
  • Standard Deviation better than 20ppb on low level carbon
  • Upper Range Limit greater than 50,000ppm for TOC
  • Detection Limit of better than 40ppb for TOC and 10ppb for TNb
  • Analysis time less than two minutes per replicate
  • Complete recovery, including Suspended Solid fraction
  • Handles salts and particulate easily
  • Holds up to 88 samples
  • Complete washing between samples ensures no carry over
  • Totally software driven from a Windows™ based platform
  • Automatic preparation of calibration standards

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  • Total software control of the instrument system and data processing with Sercon Calisto software
  • Allows storage of sample analysis protocols to comply with good laboratory practice
  • Standby mode to preserve consumable life during periods of low use
  • Software controlled oxygen injection to match sample requirements thereby preserving the life of the consumables
  • Inter-file import/export facility from instrument PC to laboratory server or internet (allows rapid updating of software or transfer to common spreadsheet packages)
  • Fully compatible with all versions of Windows

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