At Sercon we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and support.

We genuinely care about our customers and want to help you get the best performance from your instruments.

Service Contracts and Emergency Visits

In order to ensure the best possible performance at all times we recommend an annual service of your instrument. This is also a period to ensure it continues to exceed its specifications and to discuss any analytical needs you may have. In the unlikely event of an unscheduled issue arising, Sercon are able to provide rapid on-site response from our team of specialist, experienced engineers.For minor issues or advice, we can provide remote support via telephone and email.

Some of the added benefits for service contract holders are below:

  • Unlimited remote support by phone and email
  • Free remote dial-in support
  • 10% off consumables for the period of the contract

Service contract holders automatically receive 10% discount off all spares and consumables during the period of their contract. This will guarantee product quality and competitive pricing for all your consumable requirements.

Upgrades and System Refurbishments

To ensure that all Sercon instruments remain fully operational and productive, we offer a range of upgrades and system refurbishments. All systems can benefit from electronics upgrades, pumping system renewal and ion optics refurbishments. This means that all systems can be brought up to the latest technology and allows customers with less funding to continue their research.


All of our users receive training as part of an installation programme. We can also provide further training on specific applications or tailoring your course to your analytical needs.

We do take the opportunity to welcome you to come to our training facility or we can work with you on site.