Preparation Systems by Sercon

Sercon supply a range of preparation systems for solid, liquid and gas samples, for continuous flow and dual inlet instruments.

Elemental analysers

Sercon isoEArth & isoEArth+

isoEArth for CN or S
isoEArth+ for simultaneous CNS

Sercon HT-EA Wave

For O and H pyrolysis​

TOC Standalone

Thermalox TOC-TN
The modern alternative to COD and TKN


Sercon Orchid

Gas chromatograph combustion/ pyrolysis interface

Sercon LC-I

Liquid chromatography interface

Duel Inlet & Equilibraiton

Sercon Aqua

Water equilibration system

Sercon µCarbs

(Carbonates and DIC analysis)

Cryo Range

Sercon Cryo Range

CryoPrep trace gas analyser
CryoGas optimised for H in CH 4
CryoFlex (laser or TOC compatible)