Sercon have a policy that all systems from Europa Scientific, PDZ Europa and Sercon Limited can be continually updated and upgraded to ensure they will always perform to the latest specifications and benefit from our programme of continual development. Upgrades range from new preparation units, electronics and software upgrades to whole system modernisation. Please contact us at for further details.


The new Sercon system controller, as incorporated into the 20-22, has been designed to also be installed on older instruments. It incorporates full source control up to 5kva and 15 amps electromagnet current. This includes monitoring and readback of all potentials. The source control is interlocked with the pumping system and vacuum gauges. We include a 4 channel VFC array to ensure all signals can be monitored and collected, such as those from the head amplifier channels, FID or TCD Pump status and speed information is monitored and can be read back in the software with other channels available for monitoring flows and pressures. Valve control is provided with an expandable valve driver array with diagnostic readbacks to provide control over preparation units and isolation valves. Options : 8 channel VFCs / Z focus source control / electromagnet power drive. Communications to the PC and software are performed via global standard USB interface. A universal power supply can cope with supply voltages of 100-240VAC, ensuring worldwide compatibility. Contact us at sales@https://httpss:// for more information on how our electronics can improve your IRMS system.

Software & Computer

Obsolescence of the computer or operating system is one of the major issues restricting the use of older IRMS systems, particularly on university networks. Sercon software has always been within a Windows operating system environment and users have always enjoyed network compatibility. Our latest generation of Callisto software operates within the very latest version of Windows. This allows for remote access, server based data storage and high security. Our software is backwards compatible with all Europa and Sercon systems to enable your IRMS to benefit from the latest developments and remain future proofed.