Introducing Sercon Analytical

Following the members voluntary liquidation of the well-respected service lab Iso-Analytical an opportunity to continue the support of the Isotope community and build on over 20 years of Isotope analysis experience has been realised with the formation of Sercon Analytical.

Combining key team members from the Iso-Analytical team with hardware and business assets allows us to offer light Stable Isotope Ratio Analysis (SIRA) across a range of application areas including agriculture, archaeology, ecology, environmental science, food authenticity, forensic chemistry, geochemistry and medical research within the Sercon limited group.

“This news is a logical development of our existing offering to the scientific community,” commented director Garry Armstrong. “It’s very exciting that Sercon is now the ‘go-to’ business not just for some of the best scientific instruments available to researchers (along with service, maintenance and consumables) but also for outsourced analysis too.”

Sercon Analytical is equipped with 6 continuous-flow isotope ratio mass spectrometers interfaced with: 6 elemental analysers for analysis of solid and liquid samples; 3 gas auto-samplers for analysis of gas and equilibrated samples; 1 GC interface for compound specific analysis; and 1 dual-inlet with a 20 port manifold.

In addition, our laboratory is equipped with 4 weighing stations for preparation of solid and liquid samples into capsules and a range of vacuum and distillation lines, freeze driers, ovens, and centrifuges to aid sample preparation.

Recognising that quality and speed are major drivers in the sector, samples sent to our laboratory are typically analysed and reported within 4-6 weeks by our technical staff, who strive to provide analytical services for the light stable isotopes of the utmost quality and ensure that the needs of our clients are met and surpassed. Express services are also available.

Our team add further value to the process with results interpretation as well as advice on sampling, methodology and legislation, all tailored to individual needs.

Our range of stable isotope analytical services are extremely competitive and may be viewed by isotope or application. To obtain a price for isotopic analysis of your samples simply request pricing here [email protected] and we will get back to you with an all inclusive price.

Sercon Analytical will also offer Stable Isotope laboratory reference materials and offering reference material calibration services.

History of Iso Analytical

Iso-Analytical was established in 2000 by Dr. Ian Begley, Mr. Charles Belanger and Dr. Steven Brookes. All three had extensive experience in stable isotope analysis gained in industry and academia before founding Iso-Analytical. Over the years Iso-Analytical built a clientele from over 35 countries across the world and have analysed in excess of 300,000 samples from 5,000 individual studies.

Sercon’s MD Mark O’Connor has been a key player in the asset acquisition of Iso Analytical: “The industry that has built up around isotope analysis – be that instrumentation or on-site analysis- is close knit so we have always fostered good relationships with the team as both our businesses have grown,” he explained. “It has been a pleasure to work with the Iso Analytical team to ensure we are able to continue their work and in doing so offer significant value add to Sercon’s customers around the world.”